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Free Health Camp in Nigeria-8 May to 20 May-2017

Free Health Camp in Nigeria


Best Dietrics and Nutrition Hospital in Nigeria

Our Nutritional Sciences expert has special interest and expertise in the area of weight management and management of disease through diet. The department incorporates scientifically-based nutrition and health information with specific counseling techniques proven to be effective in motivating change.
hair-regeneration-therapyBest Nutrition Hospital in Nigeria | Best Multi Specialty Hospital in Nigeria

Our unique way of nutrition counseling is the reason why so several patients have been successful in achieving their goal.

  • Diet management in Diabetes
  • Diet management in High Cholesterol cases
  • Diet management for Thyroid Disorders
  • Diet management in Obesity
  • Diet management in Endocrine disorders
  • Diet counseling in Pregnancy
  • Diet counseling for Growing Children of all ages.
  • Diet Management in Gastroenterology cases.
  • Post Operative Diet Management.
  • Counseling for Deficiency Diseases. ( Vit A,B,C,D,E,K)
  • Counsel ling for malnutrition cases

What our experience has shown?

Endocrine, diabetes and obesity are lifestyle diseases that typically haunt sedentary workers and are a global scourge today. It is due to the fact that people are leading high stress lifestyles and do not have time to get proper meals during the day and therefore rely on junk food in order to satisfy their hunger cravings.

Junk food is usually high on preservatives and fat and both these substances cause long term damage to the health of a person by depositing fat on the liver that causes sclerosis in a time span of five to ten years. Moreover, fat deposits on the liver also interfere with the proper functioning of the intestine and these fat deposits also cause central obesity that can cause cardiac problems like high blood pressure which interferes with sleep patterns and the net result is malfunction of all bodily processes due to improper sleep.

Sleep disturbance can cause irritable bowel syndrome leading to alternating or recurrent bouts of diarrhoea or constipation.

And seldom has the patient begun on the path of drug dependence for almost every disorder affecting him making his internal immunity low and natural healing processes slow.

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