Best Gynecology Hospital in Nigeria

At Primus Super Specialty Hospital Nigeria, we believe that preventive health care begins with the care of healthy.

We have programs in Gynecology and IVF for the prevention and early detection of different kind of disorders. Primus Hospital of IVF and Gynecology provides you superior maternity and reproductive health care benefits and services with the help of well experienced gynecologists and radiologists. At our hospital women check-up designed to diagnose earlier symptoms of gynecological diseases. We have well experienced specialist team in providing a wide range of services for Gynecology.

We provide pre-pregnancy care and post-menopausal care. You will have access to:

  • Highly experienced and compassionate team of doctors.
  • Extraordinary nursing care
  • Well trained team of technicians

Best Gynecology Hospital in Nigeria | Top Hospital in Nigeria

The prime objective of our hospital is to promote health of women by offering complete care, support as well as empathy that they require. The branch of IVF and Gynecology addresses the needs of ladies from their adolescent years through pregnancy to menopause and the past, with qualified team of professionals, extraordinarily prepared medical with qualified specialists, specially trained nurses and the latest equipments to deal with gynecology emergencies.

At Primus, we have a multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians and specialists to ensure that all patients’ needs are addressed, offering our patients and their families with the support they need during their period of illness as well as recovery. Our department strives to provide our patients with the best care by keeping abreast of the fast changing panorama of women’s health. The department of IVF and gynecology at Primus Super Specialty Hospital Nigeria implements the most advanced technologies with new and modern equipment, a leading medical team and unprecedented hospitalization conditions.

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